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Total Policing


North Tyneside Area Command Headquarters, Silverlink.

Commissioned by Northumbria Police the initial research for this commission was centre on studying the Northumbria Police 2020 Vision document, setting out the Total Policing philosophy and core values.  This gave insight into how the Police operate and how this might be reflected in the artwork and sparked off initial ideas as to the form the piece might take.

The words ‘Total Policing’ used as a strap line by the Northumbria Force and suggested the idea of a circular piece encompassing all. The piece is made from polished stainless steel and curved glass. The inner ring has a series of words cut into the steel through which light shines and enabling the words to be reflected in the highly polished stainless steel sphere. These words selected from the 2020 Vision document include the following: Attentive, Responsive, Reliable and Skilled.

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