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The sculpture situated at the entrance to the Ouseburn Valley, is a land mark piece, reflecting the energy and immediacy of the city in sparkling stainless steel, glass and light, acting as a link between the city, the Eastern Quayside and east end, bringing the two sides of the Ouseburn valley closer together.

With its frosted glass surface and its curved stainless steel facing towards the river in a rising open V shape, the piece makes reference to the V shape of the Ouseburn Valley.

The piece itself made in steel and glass reflects two of the oldest industries of the Ouseburn valley.

The form is lit by using the latest technology in LED lighting from within the structure. Words are projected onto the glass element of the piece.

Part of the commission brief was for the piece to be able to change over time. This is achieved by creating different programmes with the LED lighting and making alterations to the projected images.

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