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The Peace Window


The design for this window has been created in collaboration with fellow glass artist Rita Griskonyte who I have worked with on several projects over the past few years.

Commissioned by the church and financed through sponsorship, the design is cut through by a swathe of red poppies. These include different shaped poppy heads, repeated in different arrangements across the design. The symbol of the cross is placed at the forefront of the work and rising above this, the image of dove of peace is emerges. The dove is made up in streaky opal glass, the translucency of which allows the light to gently pass through it and ‘glow’ with a faint amber hue while the drawn line of the lead makes the shape of the dove visible.

The inscription at the base of the window reads:

The Window of Peace and Thanksgiving

 "They were a wall unto us both by night and by day"

                                            1 Samuel 25, Verse 16

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