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Chapel, St Martin’s Community Centre  

St Martin’s Community Centre Byker has been created as a ‘Community Place’ which is as much a Children’s Centre (for the support of young children and their families) as it is a church (where the church community meet and are involved in all that is going on) as it is a place for the whole of the community to use including facilities for teenagers and older people alike.

The primary aim of commissioning glass within the chapel was to create a unique architectural feature that enhances the atmosphere of the Chapel and surrounding spaces. The glass work reflects the Christian community which use the Chapel regularly and is also accessible to the wider community. The decorative glass panels of the chapel express the vitality of the building and provide a contemporary and colourful presence within the architecture, appropriate for a modern healthcare environment.

 The decorative glass work in the chapel expresses quality, confidence, creativity and trust and is experienced positively by the people who use the new centre.

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